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Mike ‘Monster’ Wilson

By Brian Makas, April 17th, 2013 

Today, we’re talking with Mike “Monster” Wilson. Mike currently holds a 3-2 record as an amateur and is challenging Victor Flor for the Super Brawl Flyweight Title on May 4th.

How Did You First Become Involved In MMA?

When I saw my first UFC PPV I didn’t think much of the sport. I’d been wrestling since I was nine years old but didn’t think of myself as a fighter as I didn’t have to worry about being hit or throwing punches.

One day when I was on Facebook I noticed that a friend of mine, a friend that I’d wrestled with in the past, was talking about his MMA career. I gave him a call to get his thoughts and he recommended that I check out the MMA Masters gym in Miami to give it a try. Two weeks later I had my first fight. I was nervous at first but thanks to my wrestling background I actually won that first fight against a guy that already had four fights and an amateur title. My wrestling was so good that I controlled his boxing and jiu jitsu.

I was hooked.

The only problem was that it took me an hour and a half to get to MMA Masters and it was very difficult to fit into my schedule. I spent some more time researching gyms in my area and ran across Zen Jiu Jitsu. Not only was Zen Jiu Jitsu ten minutes away from my house, a much easier drive, I also found out that Mike Rio was a coach there. Of course you may know Mike Rio from the UFC but I’d actually known him since I was nine years old.

Since I started at Zen Jiu Jitsu, I’ve been really focusing on my stand up and my jiu jitsu. I’m only 5’1” and I’m never going to win a striking war from a distance but they want me to try to get in close, work the body and always look for submissions when I take the fight to the ground.

Garrett’s Fight

While I have a 3-2 record, my sixth and most recent fight was against Garrett (Holeve). While Garrett has Down’s Syndrome, he’s also very passionate about MMA and wanted to get into the ring for a real MMA match. When I heard about what Garrett was going through, and realized that he was in my weight class, I reached out to his father via Facebook and told him I’d be honored to give his son a fight.

While I didn’t go 100% (the fight wasn’t about me and didn’t count toward my record), I also didn’t take it easy on him and made him work for everything for the full three rounds.

Garrett is an awesome person; he’s funny, outgoing, talks a lot and was cracking jokes before and after the fight. ESPN ran a special at the end of the match documenting “Garrett’s Fight” and people still recognize me from the special and come up to me and say how nice I was for giving him the opportunity.

“Monster Tattoo”

I’m not sponsored… I don’t even know if anyone from Monster (Energy) even knows who I am but you may have noticed that there’s a Tattoo of the “Monster Energy” drink logo on my back.

monster tattoo 300xThe story of the tattoo goes back to my 12th grade year of wrestling. I was in my last match of the finals where a win would take me to “States” and a loss would mean the end of the season. It was the biggest wrestling bout of my life and it was against a guy that I’d never beat and was frickin’ almost undefeated, I mean out of 100 high matches he’d only lost 2.

While I was losing, 2-1 for the majority of the match, with 30 seconds left, I landed an amazing shot for two points and kept him on his back to win the match. The whole crowd went wild after I beat him and I ended up going to “States.”

Just before the match started, I’d drink a “Monster Energy” drink, did the drink make a difference? Who knows, but I’ll always associate that win with Monster Energy and, hey, the “Monster” is a great nickname. It was about two or three years after I finished wrestling but I got the tattoo, which took less than an hour, before my first MMA fight.

I don’t see anything wrong, with the logo and if I represented Monster Energy I would be like ‘Hey, cool there’s a kid rocking our logo!”  I’m not asking for Monster Energy to sponsor me, but I also wouldn’t turn them down if they offered.

Title Fight on May 4th

On May 4th, I’m going to be challenging Victor Flor at Super Brawl 16 for the SBFL Flyweight Title. The organizers of Super Brawl found me through Facebook, I’d actually defeated their last champion, who’s since gone pro, and they were impressed by my fighting style.

I’m not looking past Victor but I already see myself with the belt.

With this fight I want to prove to everyone that I am a Monster. I want to show I can throw punches, can kick and can put people into submissions. After this fight the fans in attendance will be asking their friends “Have you heard of the “Monster?”

Anyone you would like to give thanks to? 

Thanks to my sponsor, Jobson Chaves of  ifixitphones, my gym Zen Jiu Jitsu and my dad for pushing me.


You can follow Mike “Monster” Wilson on Facebook and on Instagram - Monster_Mike86