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Jenny ‘The Phoenix’ Silverio

by Maureen Riordon, May 7th, 2013

2013 has already proven to be a very exciting year for WMMA (Women’s Mixed Martial Arts). Women are making history with the first ever female division in the UFC and in the 18th season of The Ultimate Fighter, airing this September, will include women in the house for the first time. With the spotlight finally on the women, making a fulfilling career out of MMA is becoming a reality for the female athlete. As more women turn their attention to the cage, the divisions will only get harder and women will have to train harder to keep up.  For athletes such as Jenny “The Phoenix” Silverio who has been grooming for an opportunity from day one, this shouldn’t pose a problem.

Currently 4-1 as an amateur, Atomweight (105lb) fighter out of Twin Dragons Martial Arts in Miami, Florida, Silverio is prepared for any opportunity presented to her in accordance with her trainer, Master Steven Tarrago’s counsel, “You have to be ready for the UFC today!” Silverio is the current Atomweight title holder for American Battle Championships where she took on Jody Lynn Reicher on April 22, 2013 earning a win by unanimous decision, and doesn’t plan to give up the title.

Whether Silverio is preparing for a fight or not, she trains consistently with the mentality that “if you’re always ready, you don’t have to get ready.” Six days a week (even seven if duty calls), Silverio trains three to four times daily. There are no easy days at Twin Dragons and Silverio is happy to push herself to the limits to see just how far she can go in the sport. “There are many reasons for doing things, some we may be consciously aware of and can be physically seen, some may be unconscious and intangible. I began my life path in the martial arts through the practice of Yoga and Tai Chi Chuan. Continuing this practice, I then expanded on to the fitness program at Twin Dragons, and slowly but surely, began the Kuntao Silat program.”

She explained further, “Studying in traditional martial arts and being a student, I wanted to test myself and know for certain that my Kung Fu is real. In China, practitioners test through engaging in ‘playing.’ However, in the United States these are recognized as street fights. As I am a law abiding citizen, the closest thing to being able to test my Kung Fu is through engaging in the practice of MMA. I do not want to wait for a test outside of the cage in which there is a true life threatening situation to then figure out whether I can preserve my life or not. I want to know.”

Aside from fighting, Silverio is also focusing her time on pursuing a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology. Her training in martial arts plays a part in her pursuit of her PhD as well. “I have come to learn about myself, others, the world, and the Universe,” Silverio explains as she talks about the topic for her dissertation she will write for her PhD program.

While not in the pro ranks yet, Silverio has discussed the possibility with her team and coaching staff at Twin Dragons. Should her training continue to go as planned, there is a potential of a pro debut at the end of 2013. “However, one day at a time, one fight at a time, and one title at a time,” Silverio says as she discusses the importance of not entering the pro ranks without an amplitude of experience.

Fresh off her title win at ABC, Silverio and her coaching staff are already working out the details for her next fight, a possible match in June. Focusing her training one day at a time, she will continue to prepare for whatever opportunities come her way. To find out more about her upcoming plans, visit her and on facebook.