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Fight Time 16 Fight Review

By Deb Z, August 24th, 2013

Fight Time 16 was held on Friday, August 23rd, 2013 at the historic Ft. Lauderdale War Memorial Auditorium. In their fourth show of the year, Fight Time Promotions, Howard Davis Jr. and Karla Guadamuz-Davis brought an action packed night of fights in front of a sold out crowd.

There were ten fights on the card with several fighters making their pro debuts. Out of the 10 fights, only four went to the judge’s score cards.

The main event of the evening featured a title defense for the current Fight Time Promotions Lightweight Champion Vagner Rocha against challenger Randy Barroso.

The Florida State Boxing Commission sanctioned the fights. The referee’s for the evening were veteran officials Troy Waugh and James Warring. The ring announcers were Marc Lichtenfield and former UFC fighter Rich “The Raging Bull” Attonito.


Myles Gilbert vs. Benny Delgado – Ref. James Warring

The first fight featured two Lightweight fighters making their pro debuts Myles Gilbert and Benny Delgado. Round 1 started with both fighters trading kicks. Delgado attempted a take down but Gilbert was able to avert the attempt. Gilbert took Delgado to the ground and began delivering vicious punches to the face of Delgado. Gilbert had a full mount; he continued to strike Delgado and position himself for an attempt at an armbar. When Delgado rolled to escape the armbar, Gilbert took his back and submitted him with a rear naked choke.

Result: Gilbert by submission (rear naked choke) – 2:35 of round 1


Kester Mark vs. Edir Terry – Ref. Troy Waugh

The second fight of the evening featured featherweights Kester Mark and Edir Terry. Terry came out of the gate punching and immediately took Mark to the ground. Terry stood up while Mark remained on the ground; Terry kicked and struck Mark from the standing position.  Mark got up and the two fighters exchanged kicks and punches. When the action got up against the cage, Mark got Terry with a knee to the cup, which halted the action. When the fighting resumed Mark attempted a head kick that missed. Terry countered and connected with a spinning kick near the end of the round. Round 2 saw a fairly even exchange of kicks and punches until Terry switched to south paw and made attempts to take the fight to the ground. Once he got Mark to the ground Terry had a full mount, but Mark pulled guard and even attempted an armbar from the bottom position. Terry escaped this attempt and the fighters were back on their feet. During this round Terry freely took Mark to the canvas, but his kicks were just as effective and he connected with a spinning back kick. The round ended with Mark throwing a front kick that Terry grabbed and held at the bell. In round 3 Mark came out as the aggressor, sensing he was behind, throwing his jab and looking for an opening. Terry answered with a spinning head kick that grazed the head of Mark. Pressing the attack, Terry threw another spinning head kick that successfully connected to the head of Mark. Terry seized the opportunity and took Mark to the ground and served him a few elbows before choosing to let him up. The two fighters continued to exchange punches and knees till the bell. These two fighters were well matched. Mark was able to keep Terry somewhat off him with his jabbing ability but was unsuccessful at taking Terry to the mat. However, Terry was able to get to Mark having more strikes that connected and several take downs during the match. This fight went the distance and to the judges scorecards.

Result: Terry by unanimous Decision


Savalas Williams vs. Carl Darbouze – Ref. James Warring

Fight 3-featured Light Heavyweights Savalas Williams and Carl Darbouze. Round 1 began with Williams connecting with an inside leg kick to Darbouze. Darbouze countered with a head kick and shot for the take down. On the ground Darbouze delivered a few good headshots to Williams. Williams was able to escape but received several elbows to the head in the process. Williams made multiple unsuccessful attempts throughout the round to take Debouze to the ground. Debouze was able to capitalize when Williams was unbalanced and take him down to the mat where he unleashed punches and elbows on William’s head and body. Round 2 was more of the same, Williams unsuccessful take down attempts and Darbouze getting him to the ground and pounding away. The final round of the fight was all Darbouze, head kick, body kick, ground and pound. Williams was able to take the punishment and survive to the end of the match.

Result: Darbouze by unanimous Decision


Jason Leon vs. Jamie Alvarez – Ref. Troy Waugh

Match-up 4 brought action from bantamweights Jason Leon and Jamie Alvarez. These fighters were quick with action out of the gate exchanging kicks and punches. Alvarez took Leon to the ground and both fighters scrambled and Leon ended up on his back pulling guard. Alvarez delivered elbows and punches; he rose to his feet and delivered several hard pounds from the standing position. He returned to the top mount and punished Leon with elbows and strikes to the head. In round 2 Leon came out aggressively and connected with a right hook followed by a back kick that was blocked. Alvarez took the fight to the ground where he controlled the rest of the round delivering strikes and punches to the body and head of Leon. Round 3 began with both fighters exchanging kicks. Alvarez had a kick that sent Leon to the ground. Alvarez had Leon where he wanted him and worked the ground-and-pound. He punished Leon with numerous strikes to the head. Both fighters got to their feet bloodied by the other in the ground exchanges. Leon desperate threw a flying knee that Alvarez caught and drove him to the ground at the end of the round. This was a really good fight; Leon made a good show in his Fight Time debut. When both fighters were standing there was a fairly even exchange, however Alvarez was able to dominate the ground game and take the fight.

Result: Alvarez by unanimous decision


Mike Wilson vs. Edwin Sarria – Ref. James Warring

The midway fight of the night featured two flyweight fighters Mike “The Monster” Wilson and Edwin “The Little Emperor” Sarria. At the start of the fight Wilson was the aggressor wheeling punches but Sarria took him to the ground. On the ground the fighters reversed positions several times. These two fighters quickly scrambled about the ring exchanging kicks and punches. Near the end of round 1 Wilson was able to land four quick upper cuts in a row and take Sarria to the ground, but Sarria was able to get up fast. In round 2 Wilson was riding the momentum of the end of the last round and went for a quick take down. Sarria caught Wilson as he was coming in for the take down with a knee to the head. A stunned Wilson fell to the mat and was swarmed with pummeling headshots from Sarria. The referee James Warring stopped the contest at 1:59 of the second round due to strikes.

Result: Sarria by TKO (strikes) – at 1:59 Round 2


Fred Moncaio vs. Alex Delgado – Ref. Troy Waugh

The shortest fight of the evening, fight eight featured two welterweight fighters making their pro debut Fred Moncaio and Alex Delgado. At the start of the fight Delgado connected with a kick. Moncaio countered with a take down attempt but Delgado spun on the way down and put Moncaio in a choke. Moncaio escaped the choke and in doing so got Alvarez’s back. Moncaio from the back mount landed several head strikes and dug his arm in for the choke.  Delgado tapped out at 2:14 of round 1 submitted by Moncaio via rear naked choke.

Result: Moncaio by submission (rear naked choke) – at 2:14 of Round 1


Carlos Sevallos vs. Mehdi Hassan – Ref. James Warring

Fight seven showcased Light Heavyweights Carlos Sevallos and Mehdi Hassan. The fight started out like a chess match, both fighters feeling each other out and looking for an opening to strike. Hassan caught Sevallos with a hard chest kick. Sevallos took Hassan to the ground but Hassan quickly got to his feet. Sevallos worked the inside leg of Hassan with low kicks. Hassan delivered another hard kick to the chest of Sevallos. The round ended with Hassan landing head shots. In round 2 Hassan came out and attempted to deliver a leg kick, which had been effective in round 1, however Sevallos was able to tie up Hassan. Hassan kept pressing the action and caught Sevallos with a straight left, Sevallos went down to the ground. Hassan jumped on top of Sevallos and unleashed a flurry of punches to the face of Sevallos. Sevallos was able to pull guard and get some shots in from the ground position. Sevallos attempted a Kimura on Hassan but was unable to lock it in. The round ended in a stale mate on the ground. The start of round 3 saw Sevallos connect with a hard kick to the ribs of Hassan. Hassan countered with low inside leg kicks and right left combinations. Once again Sevallos tried to take Hassan to the mat and was swept by Hassan to the ground. On the ground Hassan delivered strikes to the face and body of Sevallos. The fight remained on the ground till the final bell.

Result: Hassan by unanimous decision


Denis Mitchel vs. Jason Jimenez – Ref. Troy Waugh

The eighth match-up featured Lightweights Denis Mitchel and Jason Jimenez. Out of the gate Mitchel landed a wicked leg kick. He followed it up with three more kicks to the front leg of Jimenez. Jimenez connected with a straight right and bloodied the nose of Mitchel. Jimenez came at Mitchel throwing punches that didn’t connect. Mitchel countered with kicks and took Jimenez to the ground. Mitchel had side control and tried for a choke, he quickly released and secured an armbar. Mitchel applied pressure and cranked the arm of Jimenez. Jimenez tapped out at 3:00 of round 1, winner by armbar submission Denis Mitchel.

Result: Mitchel by submission (armbar) – at 3:00 of Round 1


Marcel Goncalves vs. Yoislandy Izquierdo – Ref. James Warring

The most bizarre fight of the night goes to fight 9. This bout paired Marcel Goncalves and Yoislandy Izquierdo in the Lightweight division. At the beginning of round 1 Izquierdo attempted a spinning back kick that Goncalves managed to take advantage of and take Izquierdo to the mat. Goncalves had Izquierdo’s back and was going for a rear choke. Izquierdo was able to defend and reverse position on Goncalves and take top mount. Izquiredo got up to his feet and Goncalves lunged at him from the ground for a take down. Izquierdo caught Goncalves with a knee to the head, deemed an illegal strike. Izquierdo was penalized a 2 point deduction for the round and Goncalves was given a 5 minute recovery break. Referee Warring asked both Goncalves and his corner if they wished to continue and they agreed to keep fighting. Goncalves continued to attempt take downs on Izquierdo, who fended him off with punches and kicks. In round 2 Goncalves continued to try to take Izquierdo to the ground and Izquierdo defended with kicks and punches to the head and body of Goncalves. Goncalves turned away from fighting and went to the referee claiming he could not see out of his eye and that Izquierdo had poked him. It appears referee James Warring did not buy Goncalves claim and he stopped the fight at 0:45 of round 2 because Goncalves could not continue.

Result: Izquierdo by Referee Stoppage (Goncalves could not continue) - at 0:45 of Round 2


Vagner Rocha vs. Randy Barroso – Ref. Troy Waugh

The main event of the evening featured Lightweight Champion Vagner Rocha in a title defense against challenger Randy Barroso. Round 1 started with both fighters sizing each other up, they moved in and out, Rocha controlling the ring and cutting off Barroso. Barroso attempted a leg kick, which Rocha grabbed, but Barroso escaped. Rocha drove and slammed Barroso to the ground taking the top position he hammered shots to the head of Barroso. Rocha maneuvered his position and submitted Barroso at 3:09 of round 1 via triangle choke. Rocha retains Lightweight Title belt.

Result: Rocha by submission (triangle choke) – at 3:09 of the first round.