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Super Brawl 18 Fight Review

by Deb Z, August 18th, 2013

Super Brawl 18 was held on Saturday, August 17th, 2013 at Ft. Lauderdale’s, The Karu nightclub. Promoter Lonny Intorn continues to bring his love and passion for amateur kickboxing and mixed martial arts to his 18th show. The fight was sanctioned by Michael Gattuso’s Global Fighting Solutions and the cage official for the evening was veteran referee Russ Greenberg. Ten exciting fights on the card with the main event being the SBFL Lightweight title match between Champion Daniel Campbell facing Gus Bonneval.

Super Brawl 18 was a success with a great crowd and great fights. The fighters were evenly matched which made for exciting fights. The night provided some exhilarating action and brutal TKO’s.


Samuel Dixon vs Clint Eskridge

Fight one featured two 165 pounders, Samuel Dixon (Team Mua Lao) vs Clint Eskridge (Premier MMA), in a three round kickboxing matchup. This was a well-matched fight; round 1 saw a fairly even exchange between the two fighters. Eskridge had fast hands and threw multiple punches throughout the round. Dixon threw and landed a “superman” punch and several good knees, however in the exchange a low blow was delivered to Eskridge. In round 2, Eskridge and Dixon continued to exchange kicks, knees, and punches. The round was marred by two low blows to Dixon, which resulted in a point being taken away from Eskridge. The final round 3 was dominated by Dixon who delivered multiple kicks to the head and body of Eskridge. Overall Dixon was the more patient fighter and won by split decision.

Result: Dixon by split decision


O’Brian Williams vs Alvaro Rodriguez

The second kickboxing fight was a 135-pound bout, which paired O’Brian Williams (CSMMA) against Alvaro Rodriguez (Carvalho MMA). From the start of round 1 Williams pummeled Rodriguez with punches and kicks, Rodriguez received a standing 8 count. Williams sensing a chance to end the fight swarmed Rodriguez with a flurry of knees and punches but could not put him away. The fight was delayed because the ringside doctor had to attend to a fighter who had a medical emergency in the warm-up area. This delay allowed Rodriguez to recover from the beating he took in round 1. When the fight resumed with round 2, Rodriguez caught Williams with a low blow. In this round for every one punch or knee Rodriguez landed, Williams landed ten. In round 3 both fighters traded punches and kicks. While Williams definitely dominated Rodriguez in all three rounds, he just couldn’t finish him, couldn’t close the deal. Rodriguez took quite a beating sustaining multiple hard kicks and punches. It was pure heart that helped him survive three rounds. Had there not been that break in the action, which allowed Rodriguez to recover, the fight would have probably ended in the second round. O’Brian Williams won by unanimous decision.

Result: Williams by unanimous decision


Rashad Harper vs Zach Oliver

Fight three was an MMA 155 pound battle between Rashad Harper (Evolution MMA) and Zach Oliver (Imperial MMA). The aggressor from the start was Oliver; he had boomingly hard kicks and took the fight to the ground. Oliver tried to submit Harper via an arm bar but Harper was able to escape. Round 2 saw similar action with Oliver trying numerous times to submit Harper. In round 3 Harper came out knowing he was behind in the fight. He attacked Oliver with a flurry of kicks and punches, which Oliver fended off. Oliver took the fight to the ground once more; from a front mount he pummeled Harper with punches to the ribs and chest. This was Oliver’s first fight and he showed poise and control sticking to his game plan of trying to submit his opponent. Harper did get some good shots in which rocked Oliver but he was able to take those shots and dominate the fight in all three rounds. Zach Oliver won by unanimous decision.

Result: Oliver by unanimous decision


Jesse Christina vs Brennen Hamilton

Fight four featured the 180-pound kickboxers, Jesse Christina and Brennen Hamilton. In round 1 Hamilton delivered strong cracking leg kicks to Christina’s ribs. Christina attempted to clinch and knee Hamilton but Hamilton was able to block most of these shots. Both fighters were actively trading kicks and knees. Round 2 started with exchanges between the two fighters. During a clinch Hamilton threw Christina to the ground, he received a warning from the referee. When fighting resumed Hamilton came at Christina with some hard kicks, which opened him up for the winning punch. Hamilton threw a stiff punch to the head of Christina that took him to the mat. After receiving an 8 count from the referee Christina was unable to continue. Brennen Hamilton won by TKO, the referee stopped the fight at 1:41 of round 2.

Result: Hamilton by TKO (ref stoppage), round 2, 1:41


John Escobosa vs Nick Lordi

The midway fight of the night five was a kickboxing duel between two 170-pound fighters, John Escobosa (CSMMA) and Nick Lordi (Team Popovitch). Escobosa had an overwhelming height and reach advantage over Lordi. Even with Escobosa’s apparent advantage, round 1 brought a fairly even exchange of kick’s, punches, and knees. Lordi really couldn’t effectively punch Escobosa so in round 2 his plan of attack was to clinch and knee. This round saw both fighters clinching and kneeing their opponent, advantage Escobosa. Round 3 was dominated by Escobosa he repeatedly delivered knees to the body and head of Lordi. The winner by unanimous decision was John Escobosa. However, they announced the right name but wrong corner color. The confusion led to screams and jeers from the crowd when the wrong fighters arm was raised. After a few moments the issue was rectified and the rightful winner was announced.

Result: Escobosa by unanimous decision


Corey Russell vs Travis Taylor

Fight six featured Corey Russell and Travis Taylor in a kickboxing duel at 145 pounds. Taylor came out at the bell with two hard cracking kicks. Russell countered with front kicks, spinning kicks, and punches. Taylor’s front low kicks almost took Russell’s lead leg out from underneath him several times. While it was a fairly even first round the advantage goes to Taylor because of the devastating impact of his kicks. Russell came out in round 2 as the aggressor but Taylor kept delivering those monster leg kicks. Russell received a warning from the referee for tripping Taylor. This round went to Russell as he controlled the pace of the fight in round 2. As it seemed that both fighters had each won a round, round 3 would decide the fight. In this round both fighters were active, trying to score points and the win. The last 10 seconds of the fight Taylor delivered a flurry of attacks on Russell. The winner by unanimous decision was Travis Taylor.

Result: Taylor by unanimous decision


Reggie Newsome vs Julio Torres

The big boys came to the cage for fight seven. This 205-pound kick boxing fight saw Reggie Newsome (CSMMA) against Julio Torres (Carvalho MMA). Newsome was the aggressor out of the gate however Torres took the shots and even taunted Newsome to bring more. Torres caught Newsome with a right hook that landed him to the mat. Newsome was given an eight count and continued. Round 2 saw Newsome being knocked down two more times by the street brawling wild swings of Torres. The more technical fighter Newsome could not handle the repeated powerful shots from Torres. After the second knock down, Newsome was unable to continue the fight. The referee stopped the fight at 1:59 of the second round. The winner by TKO was Julio Torres.

Result: Torres by TKO (ref stoppage), round 2, 1:59


Ralph Delinois vs Tyler Flores

In the submission of the night, was fight eight. This MMA fight featured 170 pounders Tyler Flores (Evolution MMA) and Ralph Delinois (Carvalho MMA). Delinois was the aggressor and slammed Flores who took the fight to the ground. Delinois was able to control the take down and get a top mount position where he whaled on the body Flores. When they were back on their feet again, Flores took Delinois to the mat on a leg kick and worked a side mount. Delinois was able to reverse his position and deliver more body shots to Flores, round 1 to Delinois. In round 2 Flores rocked Delinois with a front kick to the chin. As a matter of self-preservation, Delinois took the fight to the ground. Flores had a side mount and was attempting to armbar but Delinois was able to slip out. Delinois tried to get Flores in a choke but Flores escaped and positioned himself in a top mount, which he worked until the bell, round 2 to Flores. Going into round 3 this was anyone’s fight. Flores went immediately for a take down and drew a side mount. Delinois was able to reverse and take the top position mount. From the bottom position Flores attempted to secure a leg lock but was unsuccessful. The two fighters continued to grapple on the ground exchanging positions. At the 10-second tap Flores was able to secure an arm bar, which caused Delinois to tap out. Tyler Flores won the fight at 2:54 of the 3rd round; he didn’t leave this one in the judge’s hands. He went for the win and got the job done.

Result: Flores by submission (armbar), round 3, 2:54


Lazaro ‘Navajita’ Perez vs Javier Diaz

The shortest fight of the night was number nine. This MMA 170 pound fight featured Lazaro “Navajita” Perez (Team Head Bustas) vs Javier Diaz (Premiere Martial Arts). Perez’s punches were bombs that knocked Diaz to the ground twice. Diaz took the fight to the ground where they grappled and were stood up by the referee when the action stalled. Once up on their feet Perez threw a one-two combination and a wicked knee to the head of Diaz. The blow sounded like it cracked Diaz’s skull. Diaz went to the ground and could not recover. Perez had a huge fan presents in the crowd and the place erupted upon his decisive win. Lazaro “Navajita” Perez won this fight in a dominating fashion by TKO in the first round.

Result: Perez by TKO (ref stoppage), round 1, 2:53


Daniel Campbell vs Gus Bonneval

The main event of the night was the Lightweight Title fight for the 155-pound SBFL MMA belt. This fight pitted Gus Bonneval (Evolution MMA) against Daniel Campbell (American Top Team). Round 1 of action saw Bonneval deliver inside leg kicks and a couple of good kicks to the head of Campbell. Campbell was able to grab the leg of Bonneval and deliver a hard shot to the face of Bonneval. Bonneval attempted to take Campbell to the mat but he was able to escape the take down. While Bonneval appeared to be more aggressive at attempts, Campbell was actively working to hone in his range on Bonneval. Round 1 to Bonneval based on him being the aggressor. Round 2 saw Bonneval continue to be the aggressor chasing after Campbell. Campbell kept moving away and dropping his hands. Campbell did get a few good shots into the face of Bonneval and bloodied his nose. Solid punches to Bonneval’s solid chin did not stop Bonneval who continued to pursue Campbell maintaining the role of aggressor and controlling the center of the cage. The final round was more of the same, Bonneval clearly the aggressor forced to take the fight to Campbell. The fight ended with a ten second flurry of punches by Bonneval. Gus Bonneval was declared the winner by unanimous decision and is now the 155-pound SBFL Lightweight Champion.

Result: Bonneval by unanimous decision


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