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CFA Fight Night 1 Review

By Deb Z., September 12th, 2013

On September 11, 2013, Championship Fighting Alliance (CFA) put on a thrilling night of professional Mixed Martial Arts with the debut of CFA Fight Night at Bongo’s Cuban Café located adjacent to the American Airlines Arena in downtown Miami. The crowd was standing room only as they witnessed skilled striking between fighters as well as skillfully executed submissions.

Fight 1 Reynold Telus vs. Marcos Lloreda

Fight one started with both fighters measuring each other out. Lloreda was the aggressor trading  jabs with Telus. Telus countered with lower leg kicks. When Lloreda attempted to take Telus to the ground, Telus threw an upper cut that connected. Lloreda distanced himself from Telus and connected with a nice head kick. Telus wanting no more of the standup exchanges took Lloreda to the mat. Telus threw a few punches from the top position but decided to stand it back up. The fighters gave each other space till the bell.

In round 2, Telus came out and put Lloreda up against the cage and attempted to take him to the ground, he successfully dropped Lloreda to the mat. From the bottom position Lloreda threw and connected elbow shots to the head of Telus. Telus decided to stand up and allowed Lloreda to rise only to throw him to the ground. Once again Telus let Lloreda to his feet but this time Lloreda had Telus’s up against the cage. Telus was able to power Lloreda to the ground again; Lloreda was able to control Telus and elbow from the bottom position. Up and down they went again but this time Lloreda was able to roll and secure an arm bar.

Result – Lloreda by submission (armbar) – at 4:43 of Round 2


Fight 2 Lazaro Almea vs. Matthew Wagy

Fight two featured Lazaro Almea making his CFA debut against Matthew Wagy. Alema came out with a hard straight punch to Wagy’s face. Wagy took Almea to the canvas where he worked the ground and pound. Wagy delivered wicked elbows to the head of Almea and draining rib punches. Almea attempted to escape the punishment by attempting to get an ankle lock on Wagy. Wagy spun and got Almea’s back and continued his assault on Almea’s head and body. The round ended with Almea bleeding from his nose. Round 2 started with an even exchange of punches and kicks. Wagy took Almea to the ground; he postured up and delivered full power head strikes to the grounded Almea. The referee stopped action to have the doctor check Almea’s eye; the doctor let the fight continue. When the fighting resumed Wagy went in for the kill repeatedly striking the cut eye of Almea till the bell ending round 2. Before the start of round 3 the referee had the ring doctor check Almea’s cut left eye, under doctors advisement the referee stopped the fight.

Result – Wagy by TKO (Referee stopped fight on advice of ring doctor before round 3)


Fight 3 Miguel Restrepo vs. Vinny Pantaleon

Fight three was a matchup between Vincent Pantaleon and Miguel Restrepo. Restrepo came out at the bell with a flying knee, which backed up Pantaleon. Both fighters were sizing each other trying to find the right distance. Pantaleon held the center of the ring and fought off the several take down attempts of Restrepo. Pantaleon took Restrepo to the ground however Restrepo was able to control Pantaleon’s wrist from his bottom position and escape to his feet at the bell.

In round 2 Pantaleon started using his jab to find his range on Restrepo. Restrepo answered with two nice head kicks that connected. Pantaleon found his rhythm and delivered one-two combinations that bloodied the face of Restrepo. These two fighters had quick hands, the pace of the fight brought excitement to the crowd. Pantleon took Restrepo to the ground but decided to stand up and continue his combination assault to the head of Restrepo. At this point the fight turned into a slugfest with the two fighters exchanging punches, elbows and kicks around the ring.

Round 3 saw Pantleon mix up his attack on Restrepo with body kicks to the side and right hooks to the head of Restrepo. Restrepo attempted a head kick on Pantleon but Pantleon was able to counter and take him to the mat, scoring points with the judges. He let Restrepo up and Restrepo taunted him to “come on”. The rest of the round was spent with Pantleon dancing around the ring and Restrepo giving chase. This one went to the judges scorecard.

Result – Restrepo by Split Decision


Fight 4 Dervin Lopez vs. Vitor Schlosser

Fight four featured two 190-pound fighters Dervin Lopez and Vitor Schlosser. Lopez came out with his jab and Schlosser shot for the take down and grabbed hold of Lopez’s leg. From the top mount position Schlosser delivered hammer fists to the face of Lopez. Lopez reversed to top position and went to work on Schlosser’s face. Lopez punished the left eye of Schlosser delivering full out strikes. The referee stopped the fight at 2:01 of Round 1.

Result Lopez by TKO (strikes) – at 2:01 of Round 1


Fight 5 Jose Caceres vs. Carlos Bazan

Match up five of the night had Jose Caceres against Carlos Bazan. Caceres had a definite height and reach advantage over the much shorter Bazan. In round 1, Bazan attacked Caceres with knees and elbows, which dropped him to the mat. Caceres got up quickly looking dazed but that only lasted momentarily as he unleashed a straight right to Bazan chin. Bazan countered with a nice left hook to the head of Caceres. Caceres started to take control; he put Bazan up against the cage. Caceres delivered a right cross to the chin of Bazan and followed it with a kick to the ribs and another right cross to the chin. Caceres once again got Bazan up against the cage; he mounted Bazan’s back, trying for a rear naked choke. Bazan was able to hold out till the bell.

Caceres’s used his height and reach advantage to dominate Bazan in this match. Round 2 started with both fighters exchanging kicks. Caceres connected with a flying knee to the head of Bazan. Bazan delivered a lower leg kick that dropped Caceres down. Caceres came up and drove Bazan against the cage. Bazan was striking Caceres with vicious elbows to the head, Caceres spun and cracked Bazan with a back spinning elbow. Caceres found his mark leading with knees to the body of Bazan. Caceres took Bazan to the ground, but Bazan was able to use wrist control from his bottom position to keep Caceres at bay. Caceres got his arms free and unleashed elbows to the head of Bazan. Once up to their feet, Caceres again mounted the back of Bazan and attempted to coke him out, but again Bazan lasted to the bell.

The third and final round saw both fighters exchanging cracking kicks to the legs. Caceres keeping with his game plan mounted Bazan’s back but Bazan was able to break free and escape. But the escape was short lived as once again Bazan had his back taken by Caceres. This time Caceres was able to dig in his arm and lock in the rear naked choke.

Result – Caceres by submission (rear naked choke) – at 3:28 of Round 3


Fight 6 Michael Lilly vs. Johanner Correa

The co-main event of the evening featured Michael Lilly and Johanner Correa. Lilly came out of the gate delivering two hard outside leg kicks to Correa which he followed up with a straight right to the chin of Correa. Correa immediately took Lilly to the ground and then quickly got to his feet. The fighters got up against the cage and then scrambled to the center of the cage. Correa took Lilly down again and struck him with knees to the ribs and then got up. The fighters grappled and tangled up while standing against the cage, when the action stalled the referee broke up the two fighters. This action repeated itself several times. Finally Correa was able to distance himself and deliver a head kick to Lilly and in turn Lilly countered with a cracking kick to the ribs of Correa.

At the 10-second bell the two fighters unleashed a flurry of kicks against each other. The kicking continued into round 2, as Lilly delivered three quick hard kicks to the side of Correa. Correa was able to catch Lilly with a knee to the head. However, Lilly had found his magic and he kept connecting with brutal kicks to the ribs of Correa, Correa was visibly red and welted on his left side from the punishment Lilly was giving him. When Correa tried to come in and close the distance Lilly rocked him with a straight right. Lilly continued to punish the left side of Correa’s body with his powerful kicks. Correa in desperation was trying to stop the beating his ribs were taking, so he took the fight to the ground. On the ground Correa tried to position himself for a choke on Lilly, but he could not get his arm sunk in and Lilly was able to hold him off until the bell. The fight was left to the judge’s scorecard.

Result – Lilly by Unanimous Decision


Fight 7 Wascar Cruz vs. Alexis Vila

The main event of the evening was a match-up between Wascar Cruz against Olympic Gold Medalist Alexis Vila. At the bell of round one Cruz came out in pursuit of Vila. The fighters danced around the cage sizing each other up and trying to get a bead on the range of their punches. The fighters tied up along the cage and Vila swept Cruz’s leg, he maneuvered into a chokehold on Cruz. Cruz tried to stand it up, to free himself and power out of the hold. But the experienced Vila was able to sink his arm in even deeper; he dropped to the ground and twisted Cruz’s head securing a tap out by Cruz.

Result – Vila by submission (guillotine) – at 2:12 of Round 1




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