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It’s Fight Time at The Venue 2 Fight Review

By Deb Z, August 30th, 2013

Fight Time Promotions amateur fight division took the stage Thursday evening in Ft. Lauderdale with ‘It’s Fight Time at The Venue.’ Fight Time Promotions is committed to preparing its amateur fighters to fight in the organization’s professional division.

John Daddono’s WFO (World Fighting Organization) sanctioned the evening’s event. An exciting night of fights saw a combination of kickboxing and mixed martial arts matches including a ground and pound fight in the co-main event.


Brian Baquero (Young Tigers) vs. Jornel Lugo (American Top Team Legacy Port St. Lucie) – (kickboxing) 

The first fight of the night was a kickboxing match between featherweights Brian Baquero (5-0) and Jornel Lugo (4-0). The first strike was made by Lugo who delivered an inside lower leg kick to Baquero. Baquero countered with a kick to the head, which was grabbed by Lugo, Lugo leg swept Baquero to the ground. The two fighters skirmished back and forth, exchanging punches, kicks and knees. Lugo swept Barquero to the ground a second time. Round 2 started with the fighters trading kicks and Lugo once again grabbed Barquero’s leg. Barquero got in some good kicks and strikes but once again Lugo seemed to get more frequent and better scoring strikes. Knowing he was behind in the points Baquero came out aggressively connecting with strikes and knees, even landing a nice firm head kick. Lugo continued to score with strikes and landed a left hook that took Barquero to the mat. Barquero received a standing 8 count. Barquero continued to be aggressive but it was too little to late. The fight went the distance and to the judges scorecards. Lugo’s record (5-0) remains undefeated.

Result: Lugo by Unanimous Decision


Diogo Costalonga (Pompano Beach) vs. Hector Trinidad (Miramar)

The second fight featured two fighters making their MMA debuts Diogo Costalonga and Hector Trinidad. The first round had both fighters exchanging shots. Costalonga went after Trinidad and connected with a few shots. Trinidad countered with hard shots to the head and body of Costalonga, who actually turned his back and moved away from Trinidad. Trinidad chased him down and continued to deliver shots. Costalonga tied up Trinidad and tripped him to the ground. Costalonga first tried for an arm and Trinidad stood up while Costalonga hung from his arm. Constaloga switched for a leg but could not lock it out. Costalonga was vulnerable while trying to lock the leg of his opponent and Trinidad made him pay by delivering bruising body and rib strikes till the bell sounded ending round one. Castalonga could not answer the bell for the start of round 2 so the referee stopped the contest.

Result: Trinidad by TKO (referee stoppage)


Reinaldo Inocencio (Young Tigers) vs. Joe Lauricella (American Top Team Coconut Creek)

Fight 3 of the night featured two lightweight fighters Reinaldo Inocencio and Joe Lauricella both with 1-1 records. Right from the start, Inocencio delivered hard strong kicks to the body of Lauricella. Lauricella countered with punches to the head and body of Inocencio. Lauricella took Inocencio to the mat and the top position but Inocencio quickly got to his feet. Again Lauricella attempted to take the fight to the ground but Inocencio was able to sprawl and keep his feet, delivering body shots to Lauricilla. Round one ended as a fairly even round. In round 2 both fighters came out exchanging punches and kicks. Inocencio was alternating between hard lower leg and high thigh kicks, Lauricella tried to claim the thigh kick caught him in the cup, the referee did not see it and did not stop the fighters. Inocencio continued to attack Lauricella with punches and kicks till he went to the ground and the referee stopped the fight.

Result: Inocencio by TKO at 0:19 of Round 2


Chaneyda Galvez (Training For Life MMA Syndicates) vs. Jessica Branco (American Top Team Coconut Creek) (kickboxing) 

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The fourth fight of the night brought to the cage the ladies.  Chaneyda Galvez verses Jessica Branco in a kickboxing match. At the start of the round Galvez and Branco exchanged shots. However Galvez quickly become the dominator controlling the center of the cage. Galvez pummeled Branco with punches, knees, and kick. It was this flurry of punches in combination with a hard knee to the mid-section that sent Branco to the canvas and had the referee stop the fight in the first round. Galvez’s record increases to 3-1.

Result: Galvez by TKO at 1:21 of Round 1


Johncy Lindor (Canino’s Karate Dania Beach) vs. Brandown Crowley (American Top Team Ft. Lauderdale)

Fight five was a bantam kickboxing match between Johncy Lindor and Brandown Crowley. Lindor came out with a spinning back kick that missed. Crowley lead with a front kick but Lindor delivered a spinning back handed slap that connected. Lindor was the aggressor with strong kicks followed by one-two combinations to the head. Lindor delivered a flying kick to the body of Crowley that dropped him, he was given a standing 8 count. Round 2 was a cat-and-mouse exchange of kicks and punches till Lindor connected with a spinning back fist that sent Crowley to the canvas. Crowley received another standing 8 count. In round 3 Lindor continued to dominate the fight with high flying kicks and powerful punches. Once again Crowley was on the receiving end of hard shots from Lindor and sent to the mat. Crowley’s corner couldn’t stand to see their fighter receive any more punishment at the hands and feet of Lindor and threw in the towel. Lindor’s record is now 7-5-1.

Result: Lindor By Referee stoppage at 1:00 of Round 3


Andre Cuff (Training For Life MMA Syndicates) vs. Aaron Rajman (American Top Team Coconut Creek)

The co-main event of the evening featured Andre Cuff vs Aaron Rajman in an MMA ground & pound match. Round 1 started with Cuff trying to take Rajman to the mat but instead Rajman took Cuff down. Rajman had Cuff’s back but he was able to get free and to his feet. Again Rajman dropped Cuff and got a side mount working for an armbar. Cuff was able to reverse out and up to his feet. Yet again Rajman was able to toss Cuff to the ground and deliver body shots to the end of the round. Round 2 saw more of the same, Rajman controlling Cuff and easily dropping him to the ground. Rajman was trying to end the fight, he was attempting to get a chokehold on Cuff, but Cuff escaped. Cuff reversed roles and gave Rajman a taste of the mat taking him down two times. Rajman not liking that action got to his feet, Cuff was trying to position a choke on Rajman when he was slammed to the ground. Rajman got Cuff in an arm triangle forcing Cuff to tap out. Rajman’s record is now 10-1.

Result: Rajman by TKO at 2:17 of Round 2


Jeremy Bethea (CKA Extreme) vs. Trevor Gross (American Top Team Sunrise)

The main event of the evening featured welterweights Jeremy Bethea and Trevor Gross. Round 1 Bethea and Gross exchanged punches and kicks. Gross took Bethea to the ground; Bethea pulled guard and attempted an armbar from the bottom. Gross had top control but Bethea worked the ribs of Gross from his bottom position. The fighters got to their feet, once again Gross slammed Bethea to the ground. From his top mount Gross threw numerous punches to the body and ribs of Bethea till the round ending bell. Round 2 started will Bethea attacking Gross with kicks and jabs. Gross took Bethea to the mat however he quickly got back up. Gross attempted a standing guillotine but Bethea escaped. Gross once again tossed Bethea to the ground, taking a top mount and delivering hard body shots. Bethea was able to control Gross’s arm and roll, obtain an armbar submission to end the fight. Bethea is now 6-0.

Result: Bethea by submission (armbar) at 1:50 of Round 2




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