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UFC Fight Night 27 Fight Review

By Mike Fagan, August 29th, 2013 

Carlos Condit, the Natural Born Killer

Last night with Kampmann put on quite a thriller

With punches and kicks and grappling galore

They left the crowd shouting, “More! More! More!”


The Dane started fast with takedowns aplenty

But Condit is not like Guillard with Clementi

“In the next round,” his corner had said

“Prepare for the takedown and push down his head.”


Then in round two the tide did turn

And the corner of Kampmann had some concern

Their fighter, his takedowns started to fail

It was Condit who now began to avail


At the end of two frames the score was now tied

But with Condit it was the momentum did side

Ray Sefo, the corner, tried to play fight turner

But all he could offer was a Boost Mobile burner


Then in round three things went astray

As Condit put Kampmann into harm’s way

With punches and kicks and knees to the body

There’s not one who could say a 10-8 would be gaudy


In round four, Martin would not recover

As Condit would bob, float, and hover

A dance of death, of violence, and glorious gore

Would end with Kampmann’s ass on the floor


Revenge this was, four years in the making

And this time for sure there would be no mistaking

The winner from loser, no need for derision

As Bruce Buffer read the official decision


-Not that Condit was in any danger of losing his job, but this was a big win for him. He avenged a loss, he bounced back from “a setback” (copyright Zuffa, LLC), and he cemented his place as the number two challenger behind Johnny Hendricks. But the losses to Hendricks and champion Georges St-Pierre put him in a weird spot. He acquitted himself well against St-Pierre, and probably gave the champion his most exciting fight over the last five years, but the outcome, outside of a counter head kick in the third, was one-sided. The fight with Hendricks was competitive enough and deserving of a second, five-round go, but unless Hendricks finds the “Serra” brick St-Pierre threw into some Canadian lake and beats him over the head with it, we’re guaranteed a rematch should the Oklahoman take the belt.

He has options, though. The winner of Demian Maia and Jakes Shields would be fun. (Moreso if it’s Maia.) Matt Brown and Tarec Saffiedine are rumored to fight. That could be…OK, that’s not that great, but Carlos Condit pissbeating Matt Brown? Sign me up.

But Condit should be fighting Rory MacDonald next. The UFC, for whatever reason, signed MacDonald to fight Robbie Lawler, though. I actually kind of like that fight in a vacuum, but a Condit-MacDonald rematch is so superior that it makes the Lawler fight feel like a waste.

Rory and Rorymarks will tell you he won the first two rounds and lost gas in third before Condit stopped him with a second remaining. But the truth is that Condit was ahead on the scorecards (or should have been) in the third anyway, and even had Rory been up 2-0, Condit’s third round should have been scored 10-8 for a draw.

The fight was great, though, and Rory was only 21 years old and in his second UFC fight. His rattled off 5 wins, mostly impressive and against mostly impressive competition. Condit elevated himself into the upper crust, and doesn’t look to be going anywhere any time soon. Assuming Rory wins, assuming GSP wins, assuming those two refuse to fight each other, and assuming the UFC doesn’t book Condit in the interim, let’s hope this is the fight we get.

-Dana White went on the post-fight show and blasted Kampmann for trying to wrestle Condit. Kampmann’s had a problem with poor fight IQ in the past, but this was a quality strategy and one the found success in the first round. The problem was Condit adjusted and beat him standing. And he beat him standing because Kampmann’s striking defense is poor, which is why he wanted to work from on top on the floor.

Normally, this is where I would make some snarky remark and link you to to the first Rampage Jackson-Chuck Liddell fight in Pride, but I can’t seem to find an English-language version on the internet. So, go find it on your own. I know you’re capable.

-I guess Rafael dos Anjos is for real. He landed a right hook that planted Cerrone in the first, and the latter never really recovered from that. Five years ago, dos Anjos took a split decision over something called Takafumi Otsuka. In 2013, he’s on an impressive five-fight winning streak in the UFC, and a split decision away from seven.

-The loss cements Cerrone as an upper gatekeeper type. He’s on the wrong side of 30 in the worst division to be on the wrong side of 30 and not already in the title picture.

-I didn’t think much of Kevin Gastelum at the Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale. Gastelum was a sidenote to Uriah Hall shitting the bed. Hall is now all but out of the UFC picture with his loss to John Howard, and Gastelum flipped the switch to “FUCKYEAH” in his first post-TUF fight and debut at 170 pounds. He did it against Brian Melancon, so whatever, but he did what you’re supposed to do against he Brian Melancons of the world: punch, punch, choke, choke violence.


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