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A Bunch of Things That Happened Since Dominick Cruz Last Fought

By Mike Fagan, October 3rd, 2013 

October 1st marked two years since Dominick Cruz’s last fight. It’s not entirely unusual for a fighter to sit on the shelf for two years. It is unusual for that fighter to maintain a claim on a championship belt, though.

Which makes Dana White’s latest statement all the more confusing. In the wake of Renan Barao’s second defense of the interim bantamweight title, White told a media scrum:

For all intents and purposes Renan Barao is the real champion. He is the one beating the guys that need to be beat.

Renan Barao is a champion. If you look at Renan Barao and everything he’s done, he’s beat everybody that Dominick Cruz was healthy and was the champion. It takes nothing away from him other than that pin, that placeholder until Dominick Cruz comes back.

If Barao’s the champion “for all intents and purposes,” why not award him the actual belt? What does the UFC gain by keeping the “real” belt on Cruz? And, hell, what does Cruz gain by unifying the titles in his first fight post-knee surgeries?

While you ponder those questions, join me in a look at the world on and since October 1st, 2011:

-Cruz has held the belt for 733 days without a defense. That breaks down into 17,592 hours or 1,055,520 minutes (and counting).

-The UFC put on 62 events.

-Donald Cerrone, Matt Brown, and Michael Johnson each fought 7 times.

-Benson Henderson spent 1:59:31 in the Octagon.

-Cain Velasquez lost and regained the heavyweight title from Junior dos Santos.

-Jon Jones defended the light heavyweight title five times.

-Anderson Silva’s reign as middleweight champion came to an end at 2458 days.

-The UFC introduced the women’s bantamweight division with Ronda Rousey submitting Liz Carmouche in the inaugural bout, becoming the first women’s bantamweight champion as a result. The UFC promoted seven women’s fights total in the Octagon.

-On/about October 1st, SBN’s consensus rankings listed Brock Lesnar as the number four heavyweight, Yushin Okami as the number two middleweight, and Jon Fitch as the number two welterweight. None of those fighters are currently in the UFC.

-Chris Weidman was unranked with a 2-0 UFC record.

-The UFC aired its final broadcast on Spike two weeks prior on September 17th, 2011.

-Strikeforce put on eight more shows before finally folding into the UFC.

-Fedor Emelianenko fought three times in Asia before retiring.

-Floyd Mayweather Jr. made $105.5 million in guaranteed purses for fights against Miguel Cotto, Robert Guerrero, and “Canelo” Alvarez.

-AMC’s Breaking Bad had two episodes left in its fourth season. Gustavo Fring still had all his face.

-”Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 (featuring Christina Aguilera) was the top Billboard single.

-Dolphin Tale was the number one movie at the box office. Look it up.

-Netflix briefly spun off its DVD-by-mail service into a new company called Qwikster. They nixed their idea a few weeks later.

-The Republican Presidential nomination was a three-way race between Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, and Herman Cain. Surprise! U.S. voters would eventually reelect Barack Obama.

-Occupy Wall Street was in full swing.

-Kim Jong-il would die two months later, never becoming BFFs with Dennis Rodman.

-Apple released the iPhone 4S on October 14th, 2011.

-The 2011 MLB playoffs featured matchups between the Tampa Bay Rays and Texas Rangers, Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees, St. Louis Cardinals and Philadelphia Phillies, and Arizona Diamondbacks and Milwaukee Brewers.

-Bryce Harper had yet to play in a major-league game.

-The Lions and Packers were the NFL’s only unbeaten teams at 4-0.

-Curtis Painter of the Indianapolis Colts was set to make the first start of his NFL career taking over for an injured Kerry Collins who was taking over for an injured Peyton Manning. Manning never played another down for the Colts.

-LeBron James and the Miami Heat won two consecutive NBA titles.

-On October 2nd, Alberto del Rio won the WWE Title. The belt changed hands another 6 times, including CM Punk’s 434-day run.

-NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover launched on November 26th, 2011. She landed on Mars on August 6th, 2012.

-Your favorite MMA writer was still on the Bloody Elbow masthead.

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