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The UFC Tour Stops in Miami – Chris Weidman Edition (Part 2)

(l-r) Adan Brown, Chris Weidman, Marco Canada and Alain Sanchez.

(l-r) Adan Brown, Chris Weidman, Marco Canada and Alain Sanchez.

(Video below.)

Following the open workouts held at Bayfront’s Klipsch Amphitheater, UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman made a special instore appearance at ALLOUT Fight Shop (located at 7500 NW 25th St #115, Miami, FL 33122) to sign autographs and meet fans up close and personal. Having already done several media stops and public appearances earlier in the day, Weidman was noticeably fatigued however he pushed through it and made sure to accommodate every request

Owners Adan Brown, Marco Canada and Alain Sanchez – who charged nothing at the door – offered reduced prices on select merchandise for Weidman to sign and even held an impromptu stare-down competition with the UFC middleweight champion, the prize being free autographed apparel. When it came time to announce a winner, they deferred to Weidman, who picked a pregnant guest whose baby bump he’d stared down as the winner.

One stare-down Chris Weidman will not be winning.

*One stare-down Chris Weidman will not be winning.*

The champ also fielded further questions (including an additional round of questions from MMA Owl, the transcript of which can be found further below). He had some interesting things to say.

About the Jones/Gustafsson fight:
“At the time, I thought Gustafsson did enough to win but I also did have a hard time – when they were going to raise someone’s hand – actually imagining it being Gustafsson’s. But that’s one of those fights I actually have to go back and watch on tape and reevaluate.

On Renzo Gracie:
“He has some old man tricks. He has some stuff he doesn’t just tell anybody. So I’ll get some pointers from him, some cool submissions that I never even have seen before or even thought about before. And then you have the great basics. I mean, the Gracies – obviously they started jiu-jitsu – and the basics, you just can’t beat the basics.”

Regarding his treatment by the UFC:
“I’m extremely happy. It’s the NFL of MMA. Everything is working the way you would expect it. When you’re in the smaller shows, it’s like, “why isn’t this done, why don’t they do this, this is annoying, I have to wait here and do this.” There’s no direction. The UFC is extremely organized. You show up on a Tuesday before a fight, they give you a full schedule. Actually you have the schedule emailed to you before the week even starts. You know exactly your schedule for the week. There’s scales where you can check your weight every second of the day, 24 hours a day. There’s places where you can work out. There’s busses to bring you everywhere you need to go. There’s places for you to eat. Everything that you used to have to worry about you don’t have to worry about anymore, so the UFC takes great care of their athletes, especially on fight week.”

Do you model your career after anyone, as far as goals and disciplines are concerned?
Yeah, I take a lot from a lot of different fighters. I’ll watch a fight, you know – a pay-per-view – there’s little things I’ll take from a certain fighter that I’m like, “wow, like that. I’ll try that tomorrow,” and I’ll give it a shot and if it works for me, it works for me. In particular, I like Cain Velasquez a lot, I like his relentlessness, you know, he works really hard. I think he’s one of those guys that goes to the gym every day and doesn’t waste time, you know, talking to people. He’s in there working his butt off and he’s not worried about other people. I model my work ethic from him like that.
That’s actually interesting, because if I were to compare you to anyone, I would compare you to him.
Yeah, I appreciate that. He’s definitely a good guy to be modeled after.

The UFC middleweight champion was considerate and patient. The lucky fans who attended the signing left feeling satisfied with the visit.

The UFC middleweight champion was considerate and patient. The lucky fans who attended the signing left feeling satisfied with the visit.

When you turn the switch off and you go home or whatever, what do you do to unwind?
It depends, man. I got two perfect days. It’s either I’m completely by myself in my little hole playing video games and sleeping as much as I want, or spending time with the family. I guess, you know, if I had a weekend – I could pick my perfect weekend – I’d have both of those in one weekend.
You mentioned playing the UFC game how you have to keep creating yourself and how in the upcoming-
That was years-that was a couple years ago, yeah, I was doing that and I haven’t played in a while because it hasn’t been out in a while. I was doing that, and now I don’t have to. I’m gonna be in the game, which is awesome. Can’t wait.

At the presser I saw you doing magic tricks…
I am a magician. Great magicians never show their secrets, though. I could do one if you have seven pennies.
(He holds up a sharpie) Now watch this: you see the pen? (He flips his wrist back and sleight-of-hand makes it disappear) Now you don’t. (He brings it back and tosses it – everyone laughs) Oh, watch this. Here we go, this is real quick.(He holds up a water bottle cap) Ready, everybody see this? See this? (Doing another minor sleight of hand trick, he makes it disappear momentarily) What the heck!? (Laughter)
(To his manager) Wake up! You haven’t seen this. Watch. (He does the bottle cap trick again) If there was a little kid in front of me, I’d kill it. (More laughter) Because it’s coming out of the little kids ear. But give me seven pennies and I’ve got a sick trick for anybody.
Are you actively involved with any charities or nonprofits?
Yeah. We’re doing “Live to Fight.” ( The charity’s called “Live to Fight” but the slogan’s “Live to Fight, Fight to Live.” Some people live to fight, other people fight to live, so it’s a charity based on helping people in the MMA community that are dealing with situations like cancer and stuff like that and finding ways to fund money to help them get through that if they’re having trouble. Hospital bills and stuff like that. Also “Staten Strong” ( with Theo Rossi from Sons of Anarchy. I’m helping with that, which is an organization to help people who were victimized from the Hurricane Sandy.
After a few more title defenses you may enter a period where your popularity has reached a point where they put you into the show, The Ultimate Fighter
As a coach, you’re saying?
Yeah. Of course. I mean that’s something that would probably wind up being down the line. Have you given any thought to that, who you’d have as your staff or whatever?
I’d love to do that. Staff is the people that I have around me, so like Ray Longo, Matt Serra, probably John Danaher, Renzo Gracie… they’d probably be the people I bring in. Some different wrestling guys from Hofstra University.
Aside from actually fighting, what is your favorite aspect of MMA, personally?
It would have to be competing inside the gym. I’m just a crazy competitor, so every day it’s just a competition, whether I’m doing a strength workout or jiu-jitsu or boxing, I’m competing with the guy next to me or something I see online. I’m always just competing with somebody and that’s what drives me to do good every day.
Who’s your favorite fighter to watch, and why?
Probably Cain Velasquez, because I like his relentlessness and his cardio. He mixes it up awesome; he’s got great standup but he doesn’t just rely on his standup. He uses his wrestling because that’s what he comes from.
You recently renegotiated (his contract with the UFC). In fact, you waited until after the fight with Silva, which is pretty shrewd. Smart guy…
Yeah, I put all my eggs in one basket. I’m doing this to be champion, and champion for a long time. I’m not messing around. I’m not here just to win some fights and do alright and get people to know me. I’m here to be the best and hold onto that belt for a long time. So I’m not trying to negotiate for, you know, pennies and nickels. I want that Floyd money. (Everyone laughs)
You were absolutely right in saying you put all your eggs in one basket, because you were pretty out of sorts as far as your living situation was concerned and everything else. You were lucky in being in a position where you had nothing to lose, but yeah… it was pretty smart.
Yeah… Only way I would’ve done it.
(Weidman and his manager look around the room. Nobody else has any more questions.)
Alright guys, thanks a lot. I appreciate it very much. Thanks for coming out.


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