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UFC Fight Night 30: Machida vs Munoz Preview

By Mike Fagan, October 24th, 2013

Last week, the UFC put on a card of the year contender with UFC 166. This week, they follow that effort with a Fight Night event featuring Lyoto Machida and Mark Munoz, which…well, let’s say this won’t end up as a card of the year contender, shall we? Shallow lineup in a foreign land on Fox Sports 2? Yeah.

-Munoz was originally scheduled to fight Michael Bisping, who pulled out courtesy of a detached retina. This is unfortunate. Machida vs. Munoz is a fine matchup, and a worthy Fight Night main event. But Bisping in Manchester is always fun, Machida and Munoz are teammates, and this leaves Tim Kennedy headlining with Rafael Natal on the third Fight For The Troops card in November. Not that anyone should feel bad for Tim Kennedy.

-The other issue? This is Machida’s debut at middleweight, and doing so against a solid second-tier guy like Kennedy makes more sense than someone in the low-end of the top tier who also just happens to be his teammate.

-That said, Machida shouldn’t have much problem with Munoz. Outside of issues with the weight cut (and Machida was always on the smaller side of 205), Machida presents a horrible style matchup for Munoz. Then again, Machida presents a horrible style matchup for most everyone. Munoz is going to need to get close to Machida to land strikes or complete takedowns, and Machida’s ability to control distance should nullify most of those efforts. Munoz will be left winging haymakers from the outside or praying the weight cut takes a toll as the (five-round?) fight wears on.

-FUN FACT: FightMetric credited Mark Munoz with 0 landed strikes in 6.5 minutes of fighting Chris Weidman.

-Melvin Guillard will fight out of American Top Team this Saturday after training at the Grudge camp for his last fight against Mac Danzig. If Wikipedia is correct, this is his fourth team since 2011.

-Guillard meets Ross Pearson, who’s in his third fight of his second run at 155 in the UFC. Pearson knocked out a fading Georges Sotiropoulos and a never-was Ryan Couture in his last two fights.

-Guillard’s a -145 favorite for this fight, and, well, I, uh, guess we’ll have to see which Melvin Guillard shows up. Good Melvin Guillard mollywhacks Ross Pearson and looks like a title contender. Bad Melvin Guillard looks good for 90 seconds before spazzing out or looking lost or both. Considering the camp change, I’m leaning toward the latter.

-Alessio Sakara managed to sneak himself on to another UFC card despite and 6-7 UFC record and a three-fight losing streak. (No room for Yushin Okami!) He’ll probably get at least one more fight since he’s fighting something called Nicholas Musoke, which I’m not yet convinced isn’t a 6-foot tall fish in bike shorts.

-Speaking of not yet convinced…Does anyone have proof that this “Phil Harris” isn’t Rousimar Palhares in Groucho glasses?

-In “I don’t understand” match ordering, guys with pro wrestling jobber names Norman Parke and Jon Tuck fight on the televised main card while Rosi Sexton and Jessica Andrade fight in the ninth women’s fight in UFC history on the prelims. Before you stand up and tell me Parke is from Northern Ireland, I will slap you across the mouth and remind you that the Manchester crowd will still see him just fine on the prelims.

-Since I’ve “become an adult” over the last few years and started “waking up before 9 a.m.” everyday, I thought I’d go ahead and really dive into the Premier League. I played soccer in high school and always love watching soccer when I get the chance, and I figured, “Hey, it’s ALL AVAILABLE to me now and I get up early enough to watch, so yeah!” Unfortunately, life keeps getting in the way or I forget until the second half of the late games or I can’t bear to entertain the idea of not leaving my couch on Sundays. But I have watched a good portion, and I’m glad it’s available.

This wasn’t a very good anecdote, but holy crap, have you seen this fight card

-One silver lining of this taking place overseas? The afternoon start time in the States avoids conflicting with Halloween parties. It still takes place in the afternoon and the fights are more or less awful, but hey!

And because I know you’re just dying to know. My girlfriend and I will be dressing up as Alvy Singer and Annie Hall, respectively.


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