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The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3 Finale: Who’s Getting Paid?

Between the two UFC cards going on this weekend, this one’s the pits.

Where UFC Fight Night 41 in Germany has compelling main card fights, decent mid-carders, and could-be-decent prospects, The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3 Finale is utterly devoid of anything worth watching.

Now that the event’s lost Chael Sonnen, Wanderlei Silva, Junior dos Santos, and Mike Pierce, the only important fighters left on the card are basically getting squash matches. Stipe Miocic, Demian Maia, and Rony Mariano Bezerra are all likely to smash their opponents, and the prelims have basically no one that’s UFC-caliber. It’s probably one of the worst-billed UFC events ever.

This card could've been so much better.

This card could’ve been so much better.

About the only gimmick worth a damn is seeing how well the Brazilian fighters do against their American/Russian/Asian opponents, and how mad the Brazilian crowd gets when one of their boys lose.

So, let’s get this over with.

Here’s each fighter’s most recently-reported paycheck from the UFC (there’s not a lot of them), and how they stack up comparatively.

Main Card

Demian Maia
$64,000** (UFC 170)
Stipe Miocic
$10,000/$10,000 (UFC 146)
• Fabio Maldonado
$11,000** (UFC on Fuel TV 3)
• Vitor Miranda
(No Salary Reported)
• Antonio Carlos Junior
(No Salary Reported)
• Márcio Alexandre Junior
(No Salary Reported)
• Warlley Alves
(No Salary Reported)
• Alexander Yakovlev
(No Salary Reported)
• Rony Jason
(No Salary Reported)

Analysis: It’s downright impossible to guess what Stipe Miocic’s making for this fight, since he hasn’t had a disclosed salary in over two years. It’s also got to suck that he’s fighting in a no-win situation bout against Fabio Maldonaldo, when a victory over intended-opponent Junior Dos Santos likely would’ve catapulted Miocic to a title shot. He’s definitely making more than $20,000 with a win, but Miocic’s best shot at a great paycheck is probably a “Fight of the Night” war or a “Performance of the Night” bonus.

Speaking of which, Maldonaldo had better get a fat locker room bonus for the beating he’s likely going to take.

The other curiosity on this card is Demian Maia, who’s got both the highest reported salary of the bunch and the longest losing streak. He made $120,000 the last time he won a fight (at UFC 156), but he’s looking at an 0-3 slide if he drops this match to Alexander Yakovlev (who beat Paul Daley not too long ago). Considering that two of the last three guys he fought (Jon Fitch and Jake Shields) have been cut by the UFC, Maia might even be on the chopping block.

At 36 years old and making $64,000 just to show up, he may be a little expensive for Zuffa’s tastes.

Fox Sports 1 Prelims

• Paulo Thiago
$18,000** (UFC 121)
• Elias Silverio
$10,000/$10,000 (UFC FN 35)
• Ernest Chavez
$8,000/$8,000 (UFC 170)
• Rodrigo Damm
(No Salary Reported)
• Rashid Magomedov
(No Salary Reported)
• Gasan Umalatov
(No Salary Reported)
• Edimilson Souza
(No Salary Reported)
• Mark Eddiva
(No Salary Reported)

Analysis: Just about the only fighter here with any future in the UFC is former M-1 Global welterweight champion Rashid Magomedov.

With a bit of a “gimme” bout against 34-year-old Rodrigo Damm, Magomedov’s basically fighting for a chance to take an 18-1 record to a Fox card or a pay-per-view.

As the fighter with the second-highest reported paycheck on the prelims, poor Paulo Thiago is 2-5 in his last seven fights, and a win here just probably dooms him to more middling Fight Pass matches on weak international UFC cards. Poor guy. Whatever he’s getting paid now, it’s probably not much more than the $18,000 he was making back in October 2010 when he trashed by Diego Sanchez.

Every other name on this list is basically just a warm body to occupy Octagon space.

UFC Fight Pass Prelims

• Pedro Muhnoz
$8,000** (UFC 170)
• Marcos Rogerio de Lima
(No Salary Reported)
• Richardson Moreira
(No Salary Reported)
• Ricardo Abreu
(No Salary Reported)
• Wagner Silva
(No Salary Reported)
• Matt Hobar
(No Salary Reported)

Analysis: It’s almost baffling how bad this event gets at the bottom.

Out of the 24 fighters on this entire card, only 10 of them have Wikipedia pages, which means they’re basically nobodies. What makes that even worse is six of those no-Wiki guys have actually fought in the UFC before, so no one even cared then. To be honest, you’re probably better off skipping the entire thing. Go outside.

There’s no reason to watch this unless you’re betting on it, or you’re MMA media.


**=Loss and/or No Win Bonus

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