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UFC 174: Who’s Getting Paid?

UFC 174 is going down this weekend, but sadly, it’s an afterthought in the world of MMA.

Considering the news, it’s amazing anyone remembers there’s a fight this weekend.

Jon Jones finally agreed to rematch Alexander Gustafsson. Diego Sanchez made bank (as we predicted) off the 2014 shoo-in for Robbery of the Year. Jason High got fired for hitting a referee. Nick Diaz might fight again after all (we doubt it), but in a weird bout with Anderson Silva. Even crazier, Wanderlei Silva, Vitor Belfort, and Chael Sonnen all failed surprise drug tests in the same two damn weeks.

I know, Joe. We’re all kinda confused.

And finally, Sonnen’s apparently retired.

At the rate we’re going, we won’t even need fighters to actually fight for breaking MMA news stories.

But the fights are (thankfully) still happening, and UFC 174 has a fantastic main card that casual fans will ignore in droves. Oh, well. At least the hardcore crowd can enjoy UFC 174—but before it kicks off, here’s a breakdown of the public paychecks for each fighter, all based on their last reported Zuffa-issued salaries.

Main Card (PPV)

• Andrei Arlovski
$170,000 (UFC 82)
• Demetrious Johnson
$125,000/$50,000 (UFC on Fox 9)
Tyron Woodley
$52,000/$52,000 (UFC 167)
Rory MacDonald
$50,000/$50,000 (UFC 170)
Ryan Bader
$47,000 (UFC on Fox 4)
Rafael Cavalcante
$33,000/$33,000 (Strikeforce GP Final)
Ovince St. Preux
$23,000/$23,000 (UFC FN 26)
Brendan Schaub
$18,000/$18,000 (UFC 157)
Ali Bagautinov
$10,000/$10,000 (UFC 167)
• Ryan Jimmo
(No Reported Salary)

Analysis: When Andrei Arlovski was getting paid six figures per fight before he left the UFC, he was on a 3-0 streak and the promotion was at the height of its “boom” period. So many years later, the Russian legend is arguably more valuable as a heavyweight than before, and that loss to Anthony Johnson actually didn’t damage his credibility much.

That said, it’ll be surprising if the former UFC heavyweight champion pulls down $100,000 from the promotion today, even with a win bonus.

Given that this card’s in Canada, we won’t find out what Arlovsky’s making unless he sticks around for a while, but it definitely doesn’t hurt that he’s 6-1 (1 NC) in his last eight fights.

At least the UFC’s flyweight champion is making some decent money, and that’s not even counting his Xbox sponsorship (via MMA Payout), which is rumored to be nettting “Mighty Mouse” an extra 100,000 bucks annually. Looking at the main card salaries, it’s pretty good to be the champ, or at least a top-ranked title contender. Well, except if you’re Ali Bagautinov.

UFC 174 FX Prelims

Mike Easton
$14,000 (UFC FN 35)
• Yves Jabouin
$10,000/$10,000 (UFC on Fuel 3)
• Daniel Sarafian
(No Reported Salary)
• Kiichi Kunimoto
(No Reported Salary)
• Valérie Létourneau
(No Reported Salary)
• Elizabeth Phillips
(No Reported Salary)
• Kajan Johnson
(No Reported Salary)
• Tae Hyun Bang
(No Reported Salary)

Analysis: According to the official UFC rankings, Mike Easton is the promotion’s #8 bantamweight fighter.

That’s just a little ridiculous (MMA Owl has him unranked), but Easton’s also been fortunate enough that his 0-3 losing streak was against guys like Raphael Assuncao, Brad Pickett, and newly-crowned champion T.J. Dillashaw—three of the world’s best fighters under 135 pounds. That’ll probably put him on the “Leonard Garcia Plan” if he drops an exciting match to Jabouin.

UFC Fight Pass Prelims

• Roland Delorme
$8,000/$8,000 (TUF 14 Finale)
• Michinori Tanaka
(No Reported Salary)
• Jason Saggo
(No Reported Salary)
• Josh Shockley
(No Reported Salary)

Analysis: About the only reason to even watch the Fight Pass portion of the card is to see 23-year-old undefeated Shooto “Rookie” titlist and Pacific Xtreme Combat champ Michinori Tanaka. He’s basically even money on betting odds against Delorme, which is appropriate. For those who don’t remember, Delorme just narrowly got beat by Alex “Bruce Leeroy” Cacares, which turned out to be less shameful than most people thought.


**=Loss and/or No Win Bonus

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