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UFC 176 Cancelled: Who’s To Blame?

Well, we can’t blame UFC champion Jon Jones or sport-killer Greg Jackson this time.

In a move that was both unthinkable and unexpected by the MMA world a matter of weeks ago, UFC 176 has been cancelled as a result of a neck and spine injury to headliner Jose Aldo. It’s alarming to think that the world’s #1 MMA promotion has had to cancel two events in two years, but that’s probably what happens when you build a whole event around someone who practically lives with the Injury Bug.

What’s doubly sad is that the event was pretty solid on-paper, with lots of top-ranked fighters to boot.

UFC 176 Fight Card

Oh, Bethe Correia vs. Shayna Baszler. I’ll miss you the most.

Now, the rest of the MMA world is left to pick up the pieces as the UFC soldiers on to their next event, UFC Fight Night 45, which takes place in roughly a week’s time on a rare Wednesday night. Let’s all just hope an asteroid doesn’t hit the stadium or Donald Cerrone doesn’t get trapped in a well. Perhaps this break will be a good excuse to do something else, go outside, and live life a little.

But first, let’s decide whom we’re going to blame for this mess.

Dana White

“Not worried about pay-per-view buys anymore,” huh?

At this point, it’s pretty hard to know what UFC president Dana White is thinking, since he actually said this during the UFC 175 scrum with total seriousness. He had to know that UFC 176 was bound to be cancelled by this time, and while the fallout probably isn’t as expensive as UFC 151, it’s definitely not going to help if MMA fans don’t know whether they should buy tickets.

Maybe Dana can be blamed for not caring about a “minor” PPV like UFC 176, but it’s probably more accurate to blame the UFC by proxy for their rampant oversaturation.

Jose Aldo

Jesus, Aldo, would it kill you to stay healthy?

Correct us if we’re wrong, but even with fighter insurance, Nova Uniao might be costing you more in missed fights than anything else. And we’ve seen how you guys train, thanks to YouTube. Stop grappling in sweaty basements and piling 50 guys into a room.

Hell, maybe find a new camp. Complaining about fighter pay doesn’t help if you can’t show up to collect a check.

The Injury Bug

God, I hate you, Injury Bug.

I hate you so much.

If you do anything to the UFC’s upcoming Mexico card, you’re the real sport-killer.

The Ultimate Fighter

Out of the UFC’s nine champions, it’s never been unusual for at least half of them to be out of action or injured, let alone any number of “Top 15″ contenders. That’s why you stack UFC events in the first place. Given that Aldo isn’t much of draw anyway, there should’ve been at least one more champion available. But what makes this way worse? Title holders sitting out to coach The Ultimate Fighter.

It’s hard enough to set up title fights that they shouldn’t be on hold for this damn show anymore.

Moreover, TUF 20 makes it twice as bad, with both the inaugural UFC Women’s Strawweight Championship and the UFC Lightweight Championship hanging on the same season. That’s f–king stupid. No one cares about Anthony Pettis and Gilbert Melendez that much. Pettis barely even fights that much, anyway. There’s no drama or intrigue here from the coaches, so why are they even there?

You could’ve done this season with so many other people, to boot.

Why not Nate Diaz and Josh Thompson? Or how about Luke Rockhold and (ugh) Vitor Belfort? Both of those rivalries would be hilarious for tons of reasons, not to mention making for far better reality television antics.

Ronda Rousey

Oh, of course not.

“That guy” in the UFC production truck is an idiot. Poor Rousey. We know you would’ve done UFC 176 if you could.

No one blames you at all.


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