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UFC Fight Night 46: Who’s Getting Paid?

At this point, UFC fans can only hope that the Conor McGregor vs. Diego Brandao card is at least 50-percent as exciting as Wednesday’s smash-fest.

But in all practicality, it wouldn’t be a shock if UFC Fight Night 46—better known as UFC Dublin and/or UFC Ireland—has a lot of “safe” decisions, either. Given that this weekend’s card falls on a Saturday (at 9:30 in the morning, no less) and airs exclusively on Fight Pass in the United States, this is the purest definition of a card that “isn’t meant for” the UFC’s main fan base.

That’s OK, though. Plenty of us hardcore MMA people in America won’t mind watching some of the fights on our smartphones and tablets while we’re out for lunch.

MMA Fan Pro Tip: Most Chipotles have free Wi-Fi.

Granted, the time difference means that this Dublin fight card will likely soak up most of your afternoon. That still isn’t a good thing for those of us who have lives, families, and a desire to leave the house.

(Note to UFC: Please do more weekday cards.)

But at the very least, there’s some legit interest in the main card, which has quite a few relevant bouts for MMA fans in the know. Hence, let’s take our usual look at the most-recently reported Zuffa salaries for the major players and what they mean in the grand scheme of things.

UFC Dublin Main Card

• Diego Brandao
$23,000/$23,000 (UFC 168)
Brad Pickett
$23,000** (UFC FN 26)
• Norman Parke
$15,000/$15,000 (UFC 162)
Conor McGregor
$12,000/$12,000 (UFC FN 26)
Ian McCall
$9,000** (UFC 156)
• Zak Cummings
$8,000/$8,000 (UFC FN 40)
• Naoyuki Kotani
$3,000** (UFC FN 9)
Gunnar Nelson
(No Salary Reported)

Analysis: For a guy that’s been pushed as heavily as McGregor, it’s a little surprising to see that the UFC salary paperwork only pegs him as the fourth-highest paid guy on the card. Then again, that’s more than appropriate given his short UFC career and pair of wins over mid-tier, unranked opposition so far.

If anything, you have to think that McGregor’s got to be a little pissed off that Diego Brando makes at least twice as much as he does, not to mention losing the chance at a big grudge match against Cole Miller. With all the trash talk and hype going into this, anything short of a first-round KO triple-bonus win will be a disappointment for the Irishman, but them’s the breaks.

In some more positive spin, it’s nice to see that Brad Pickett is being paid well.

Fun Fact: Pickett has earned five post-fight bonuses in his UFC career to date, which makes him one of the best-earning sub-155 pounders on the UFC roster. That’s a happy thing for a guy who doesn’t get the love that he should from American MMA fans, but it’ll be nice to see the welcome he gets in Europe.

UFC Fight Pass Prelims

Josh Sampo
$10,000** (UFC 170)
• Trevor Smith
$8,000/$8,000 (UFC FN 35)
• Phil Harris
$8,000** (UFC on FX 5)
• Cody Donovan
$8,000** (UFC 167)
• Nikita Krylov
$8,000** (UFC 164)
• Ilir Latifi
(No Salary Reported)
• Neil Seery
(No Salary Reported)
• Tor Troeng
(No Salary Reported)
• Chris Dempsey
• Cathal Pendred
• Mike King
• Patrick Holohan

Analysis: Although this author admits he can’t even guess what Ilir Latifi is getting paid, one can hope that he’s gotten plenty of “locker room” money for facing Gegard Mousasi, saving a UFC main event, and dominantly winning in his next fight out. It’ll be pretty fun to see how he does against a no-name fighter at the top of the prelims, which actually might nudge him closer to a “Top 25″ light heavyweight.


**=Loss and/or No Win Bonus

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