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Xtreme Fight Night 3: Main Card Preview with Commentary by XFN President Daniel Kay

XFN3PosterIt’s been almost exactly eight months since they held an event, but Daniel Kay’s Better Man Promotions is finally back with Xtreme Fight Night 3 this Saturday at the 65,000 square foot Broward Convention Center. The event is being hosted by the 27th State Martial Arts Festival, which is holding its fifth annual event throughout the weekend between the 12th and 14th. Kay has teamed up with former American Battle Championship promoter and International Sport Karate Association (ISKA) XFN lightweight champion Aaron Rajman to organize XFN 3, which will also host a few amateur kickboxing fights.

“Aaron and I have known each other for many years—since we were kids,” said Kay. “This is going to be the first time where we’re co-promoting together for one of my events, but we have collaborated before; I helped him with some of his events with ABC.”

The last time Kay spoke with MMA Owl, his claim to the XFN brand appeared tenuous, but things have since congealed into a something all involved parties are happy with. The long hiatus in between shows was nevertheless a point of interest when he agreed to speak with us in advance of this weekend’s festivities, however Kay holds that it was more about finding a suitable location than anything else.

“The biggest thing is securing the location,” he explained. “There are so many amateur organizations out there right now. Sometimes there are more than 20 amateur events in a month throughout the state of Florida, and I truly believe that what sets us apart from the rest of them is the fact that I’m very picky about location. You won’t find any of my shows at small clubs where you have to pay $35 to stand the entire time and where, if you’re not in the front row, you’re not going to have a good view. Most of the venues that are being used right now by other promotions are like that and I would like to give quality to the viewers—the people who are in-house. I would like them to get their money’s worth. In order to secure a venue like that, it took a little longer than expected.”

Below is the 12-fight card, occurring in order from bottom to top. XFN 3 is headlined by a tilt for the light heavyweight title vacated by Eugene Feliciano and co-headlined by two more title fights and a long-anticipated welterweight rematch between Hector Trinidad Jr. and Jason Roberts. Fight fans with the weekend free are recommended to go and experience the entire festival, as it is one of the largest and most inclusive in the state.

“The convention center is going to provide a very classy feel to the production and we’re going to have even more vendors there at this event—around eight different vendors—so it’s more than just an MMA even this time,” he said. “This time it’s almost like an MMA expo, between the vendors and martial arts events, XFN rounds off an evening of tournaments that will be going on during the day.”



Main Event
Light Heavyweight (205 lbs.) Title Fight
Carl Ranieri
Bryan Cromer

South Florida light heavyweight amateur standout Carl Ranieri, who formerly held the ABC title and owns his own gym (Rock MMA, which has two locations in Davie) will face off against North Florida’s Bryan Cromer, a 3-0 competitor out of Champions MMA.

““Our previous titleholder, Eugene Feliciano, was set to go pro right before this match was made,” Kay said. “For some reason, his pro debut didn’t go through—either his opponent pulled out or something of that sort happened. Unfortunately, he was not able to defend his title for this event, so we have Bryan Cromer, who has won all of his previous fights in dominant fashion – a real solid 205er – and Carl Ranieri, who – I’ve seen this guy fight before – when he trains, his uppercuts actually lift the guy who’s holding the pads off the ground. He’s got a lot of power.”


Featherweight (145 lbs.) Title Fight
Corey Samuels
Jonathan Armoyan

This, the 11th fight of the evening, will be for the inaugural XFN featherweight title. Both local fighters, Jonathan Armoyan, 3-0, fights out of American Top Team Coconut Creek; while Corey Samuels, 4-2, trains at Kumite MMA.

“These guys are both local guys,” he said. “I’ve watched almost all of their fights through local events. They’ve proven themselves to be both durable and exciting fighters. That’s what we’re looking for in our champions: fighters who act professionally, who put their all into their training, come out and leave it all in the cage. They’re not going to give into themselves or any distractions; once they’re in the cage, these fighters—they mean business.”


Welterweight (170 lbs.) Title Fight
Jomi Escoboza
Miguel Baeza

XFN will also be handing out their inaugural welterweight strap this Saturday when Jomi Escoboza locks horns with Miguel Baeza, a fierce combatant who has already secured three titles during his amateur run, including the ABC and Fight Time belts.

“Both of these fighters are super exciting,” Kay beamed. “I’ve known both of them since they began their careers I’ve watched each of them grow and improve from fight to fight. Miguel Baeza, he’s very deadly on the ground. His jiu-jitsu skills are very slick. His boxing, too; he’s a nice, long fighter and uses his range accurately. He’s very well-rounded. Jomi, on the other hand, is known as a striker, a Muay Thai fighter. He stands 6’4” tall and he will weigh in at 170 pounds; he’s a very big welterweight. He loves to knock out his opponents. Something I’ve seen with him that I’ve been very pleased with is that he’s matured as his fights have gone on. He’s beginning to utilize his wrestling more and more. In his most recent fight, he used his wrestling to completely dominate a jiu-jitsu fighter. He’s another fighter that has truly evolved from being a one-sided fighter into a full mixed martial artist.”


Featured Nontitle Welterweight (170 lbs.) Rematch
Jason Roberts
Hector Trinidad Jr.

The amateur rematch many have been waiting for, welterweights Jason Roberts and Hector Trinidad Jr. will be able to settle their differences this weekend after some dubious circumstances left many in attendance at XFN 2 wondering what the hell happened.

“The first time these two guys met, Hector Trinidad came out with some very heavy blows in the first round and almost knocked out Jason Roberts. He actually dropped him to the floor with punches and the referee stood him up. According to the Florida rules, they have to allow him a standing eight count. That’s just the way that the rules work in Florida amateur MMA. It’s very strange and I don’t exactly agree with it, because if you ask me, the kid was knocked out and that was dangerous to let him continue. By giving him the eight seconds to continue, it allowed him to get his feet back under him, and in the third round he actually came back and put Hector Trinidad to sleep with a very slick rear-naked choke. Trinidad did not tap. This rematch is what everyone is talking about. It’s the guy who knocked out the guy who ended up putting the guy to sleep. “


Lightweight (155 lbs.) Fight
Juliane Gonzalez
Duan King


Catchweight (150 lbs.) Fight
Mike Hill
Juan Raffo


Featherweight (145 lbs.) Fight
TJ Wardell
Christopher Weston


Featherweight (145 lbs.) Fight
Josh Gill
Drew Meekins


Flyweight (125 lbs.) Fight
Yusiel Torres
Mike Campuzano


Catchweight (150 lbs.) Fight
Mesmain Supris
Kevin Oliveira


Flyweight (125 lbs.) Fight
Yuniel Torres
Maurice DeJesus


Catchweight (160 lbs.) Fight
Steve Maxxin
Stephen Pineda


Xtreme Fight Night 3 takes place this Saturday, September 13 at the Broward Convention Center located at 1950 Eisenhower Blvd. in Ft Lauderdale, FL. Doors open at 8:30 p.m. For more information, visit XFN’s facebook page HERE, and for tickets, click HERE.


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