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MMA Owl was created to give you MMA’s best birds eye view

A bird’s eye view’ of Mixed Martial Arts in the State of Florida, UFC commentary as well as the other major MMA promotions will be covered.  

The schedule for Mixed Martial Arts events for Professional and Amateur events can be found here: MMA events in Florida  




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Guest Contributor 

Michael Pasqualy (aka Michael Job), from Australia, currently trains and writes about Mixed Martial Arts. He is a Scribe for Fight Sport Asia and a contestant on Wimp 2 Warrior (series 2). Follow him on twitter @MMAleaks





Jesse Scheckner (right) interviewing UFC President Dana White

Jesse Scheckner (right) interviewing UFC President Dana White




Jesse Scheckner is a freelance writer born and raised in Miami, FL who regularly produces work for MMA Owl, Tuff Gnarl, BPB New Times, FL Geek Scene and Miami’s Community Newspapers. Follow him on twitter @JesseScheckner







Special Guest Contributor to this site:

Michelle D. Drake is a licensed Mixed Martial Arts referee in the State of Texas, Kansas and Indiana. 

She has a diverse martial arts background that includes boxing, Jiu Jitsu and Taekwondo. She earned her Black Belt in Taekwondo in March, 2012. 

At the inaugural Invicta FC 1, the first all female MMA promotion, Michelle served as one of the referees in this historic event on April 28th, 2012, in Kansas City, Kansas. 

Michelle is a ABC certified Referee and Judge in addition to being a certified ISSA personal trainer & NESTA Mixed Martial Arts Strength & Conditioning coach. Michelle currently trains in MMA in her off time and attends educational courses in MMA Officiating to keep up with the evolving sport.

Michelle brings a special insight to the world of MMA officiating with her own brand of sense of humor. Michelle, along with her youngest daughter, two dogs and turtle, reside in Indiana. Her eldest daughter serves in the United States Navy and if she talks to Michelle any longer than 12 seconds, you’ll see what a proud Navy mom she is! Check out Michelle on facebook and twitter.






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