1. How can I become a writer for your site?

Click on ‘Contact’ and fill in required information and of your interest in being a guest contributor to MMA Owl. It is highly recommended to be active on social media, i.e.: twitter, facebook, reddit, tumblr, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, and the various internet MMA forums.

2. Where can I find Florida’s athletic commission website?

Florida State Boxing Commission (FSBC) falls under the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation with Ken Lawson as Secretary. On this site, you can verify if a fighter or promoter has a current license. The Executive Director is Paul Waters and he can be reached at his email  Paul.Waters@dbpr.state.fl.us or call 850.488.8500.

3. Where can I find out how to become an MMA Judge or MMA Referee?

Check with your State’s Athletic Commission regulating Mixed Martial Arts and check with the different Amateur MMA sanctioning organizations to see what are the requirements to become an MMA Referee / Judge.  It is highly recommended to take a course in MMA Judging or MMA Refereeing from an ABC approved trainer ; many States and amateur sanctioning organizations are starting to require this form educational training.

4. If you would like to save an article from one of the web page from this site, follow the instructions listed:

How to save a web page as a PDF file (in Safari browser) - 

1. go to web page and copy link

2. go to rdd.me or https://www.readability.com/shorten

3. paste link in center box

4. click on Shorten & Read / Read Now

5. On top menu bar, click on File / Print

6. Print box open, click on PDF / Save As PDF


How to save a web page as a PDF file (In Chrome browser) - 

1-4 (same instructions)

5. On left side menu bar, click on

share export

Share / send / export this article this article

6. click Print (print box opens)

7. click on Change button

Select a destination box opens

8. click on Save As PDF

9. click on Save


5. Disclaimer:

Guest writers will at times, write articles that are not popular with many readers. Keep an open mind about the things that you read. If you don’t agree with editorial content, you may submit a comment by using the ‘contact’ page. Another suggestion is to contact the writer directly, usually on twitter. At present, we do not post comments on article posts due large amount of spam we were receiving.

6. Use of Images/articles on website:

No content may be reproduced without the implicit written consent of MMA Owl. Written material, video media, MMA Owl branded images or any other content found on this website is copyrighted ©2015 MMA Owl (excluding certain images).

Images which are not branded and labeled ‘MMA Owl’ as property of this website are property of their respective owners, including, but not limited to: UFC.com, Sherdog.com, WSOF.com, and Bellator.com. MMA Owl does not claim nor imply ownership over images which are not labeled as property of this website.