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Untethered MMA

UFC 178: Alvarez, Cerrone, and McGregor, Oh My

UFC 178 may be the first UFC pay-per-view sold entirely on the power of its undercard. (Since there was some confusion on Twitter, by “undercard” I’m referring to the main card bouts below the main event. Prel...
MMA Buzz

Homophobia in MMA, How It Compares, and What To Do About It

The widespread stereotyping of MMA fans as aggressive, misogynistic, homophobic and xenophobic is both vexing and completely understandable. Ours is not the first fan base to suffer from such predetermined opinions, nor is it t...
Subo Says

The Ugly, The Bad and The Good: January UFC News Round-Up

Is there some kind of potential copyright issue with Monsanto if I use “Round-Up” in my headline? Will this piece get picked up by Google as some sort of testimonial to the awe inspiring herbicidal power of the popu...