Top 10 most memorable debutants in 2021

The rookie rating is very special, because it is those MMA fighters who get into the top debutants in different periods that usually become MMA champions after a while. So it is very important to pay attention to the top ten newcomers, because future legends are hiding there. The list of the best usually strikes with national diversity: in each MMA season, in the top ten you can meet fighters from Canada, New Zealand, China, Brazil, the USA and other countries famous for fighters. Especially for you, we want to present the top ten newcomers of 2021.

10th place goes to Pat Sabatini

In order to get into the UFC, this MMA fighter took about 10 years of hard work. From his very first performances, Pat proved that he deserved his place for a reason. Dozens of victories and awards for the best performances brought Sabatini to the 10th place in the ranking of the best debutants of 2021. Pat is rapidly developing and gaining popularity in his category, where there are still a lot of talented athletes. This alignment makes the situation even more exciting.

On the 9th step is Paddy Pimblett

“There are no achievements without problems”, – this expression has become a real motto of a MMA fighter. Paddy came to the fighting organization as a potential future star, in connection with which he was forced to face excessive demands from him before his debut fight as a member of the UFC. But difficulties only make people stronger. Pimblett took the reins and proved that he was worthy to speak for the organization.

Bruno Silva gained the 8th place

This Brazilian became a real surprise and shock for the Western world. His debut in the UFC took place only in 2021, and immediately he received the rating of the best. In his three MMA fights, he received three victories and was also awarded the title of the most spectacular athlete in the UFC. Fans are looking forward to Silva’s future performances to find out what else he can do.

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Terrence McKinney was awarded the 7th degree

This fighter is simply incredible, because to get to the 7th place in this rating, it was enough for him to hold and win in just one fight. Such attention to Terrence was due to his agreement to urgently replace a fighter before the fight. In that situation, it turned out that the obvious underdog behaved extraordinarily and, to the surprise of everyone, knocked out the opponent from the very first trick. 7 seconds is the time it took McKinney to become one of the most talked about MMA newcomers of 2021.

Lupita Godinez Unlocks Women’s Level 6

Despite the fact that Lupita is a girl, at the very first performances in the MMA arena, she showed herself to be the new MacGregor. Fights in different weight categories, emergency agreements to replace fighters, brilliant victories – all this made Godines the opening of 2021. Lupita is a desperate fighter who is ready to risk and lose everything every time. A controversial moment for the future MMA champion, but time will tell.

Top 5 opens with Erin Blanchfield

Since September 2021, Erin has managed to do enough to get into the 5th place in the ranking of the best MMA rookies. Several brilliant victories without losing a single round to opponents. Blanchfield is only 22 years old and she still has a lot ahead of her, but for a start in the UFC, it’s very good.

4th step went to Chris Curtis

“Never give up, fight to the end,” became the slogan of the MMA fighter. Chris overcame a very long and thorny path. His career could have started back in 2018, but the stars decided otherwise. And now, in 2021, he is in 4th place in our ranking, thanks to his performance in November, which ended with an amazing knockout and victory for the fighter. In December, he scored another victory. Being in the status of an underdog, in the second round he was able to prove that he was not worthy of this MMA title.

Michael Chandler honored to open Top 3

Outside of the UFC, the fighter has long been known at a very high level. Having made his debut, the fighter was able to exceed all the expectations of the fans. In the middle of 2021, Michael entered the title fight, defeating his opponent in the second round. And already in November, his fight was called one of the best of the MMA season. His spectacular moves have won the hearts of millions of fans.

2nd place for Manon Firoth

The fighter joined the organization in January 2021. During the season, she managed to hold three victorious fights. Her stamina and resilience is worth a lot – she skillfully combines techniques with kicks, thereby applying her black belt in karate. All three brilliant victories awarded her 2nd place in our ranking. Moreover, fans are looking forward to the new season to watch Manon’s future fights.

Best Newcomer of 2021 Casey O’Neill

Having the status of invincible, for a year of fights in the UFC, she did not lose it. Moreover, the girl received three early victories. The most striking thing is her comfortable feeling in the arena. This situation is explained by the fact that from the age of 4 she devoted her life to sports. What is very remarkable is that Casey topped the ranking of the best of 2021, becoming the third female fighter in our ranking. This means only one thing – the girls are aimed at winning.

Beginners open up betting opportunities

The more promising new athletes appear in the season, the more work bettors get in their betting activity. New analyzes and betting forecasts, new fights and possibilities for different bets, new opportunities for big betting wins and earnings. Debutant fighters open up a new world for bettors, giving them the opportunity to win more and more.