The title of the best MMA fighter 2021 found a new owner Kamaru Usman

Kamaru Usman was named the best MMA fighter by the UFC. Such a choice means a lot for athletes, as it opens up very large horizons and prospects for them in the next season. MMA sportsman got a deserved victory.

What was 2021 season like for Kamaru

The 2021 season can rightly be called the most productive and effective period for Usman. Among his most ambitious achievements is defending the title of champion in his category (welterweight) as many as three times. Thanks to such success, the fighter won first place in the overall rating of the sportsmen of the category. In three events held, the Nigerian champion was able to easily knock out his opponents, and dealt with one right away in the first round. It is because of his brilliant performances this season and winning the hearts of millions of fans that he was chosen as the best fighter of 2021.

The history of the origin of the champion Usman

Kamaru Usman is a representative of the American continent, but he himself is from Nigeria. As a child, he moved to the United States with his parents, and from his school years he diligently began to practice martial arts. In mixed martial arts, he began participating in 2012 and immediately established himself with victories.
Serious attention was paid to him in 2019, when he defeated his opponent by technical knockout and his fight was chosen as the best fight of the year. He went to this for almost four years. According to the results of all MMA seasons, Kamaru now has 15 wins and 0 losses.
What Usman himself says about 2021 and his plans for the future
After Kamar was awarded the title of the best MMA fighter of 2021, he happily agreed to an interview to share with the fans his emotions and plans for the upcoming year.
The man called the 2021 season ambiguous, noting that there were many ups and downs, advantages and disadvantages. But Determination never let him give up. Usman thanked his family, relatives and friends for the great support given to him throughout the year. Moreover, the fighter said that without a huge audience of fans, he would not have succeeded. Thanks to a happy coincidence of all circumstances, it was in this season that he managed to achieve what he achieved.
As for the upcoming 2022 year, Kamaru is full of enthusiasm and new ideas. Although it may seem to many that he doesn’t need anything else and it’s impossible to achieve, the MMA sportsman himself said that he would show the opposite result and at the end of the next fighting season, all fans would be shocked by his achievements.
As a comparison, the man said that in 2022 he plans to go to the moon and defeat all possible opponents there. And this can be safely considered an application for the world MMA title, for which Kamaru will have to make an extremely lot of effort.

Bets on the best fighter reach exorbitant results

MMA events have always enjoyed incredible attention not only from bookmakers, but also from bettors who are crazy about betting on events. Accordingly, such an event as the presentation of the new best MMA athlete opened up new opportunities for bettors. After the announcement of the UFC organization about the new winner, the total volume of bets on fights increased by almost 15%. Moreover, bookmakers immediately revised their odds for Kamaru Usman, and now they are ready to offer very attractive quotes for bettors. Such events further raise Usman’s rating among all MMA fighters. We bet that in the coming season, bettors will be able to earn rather big sums on the fights of the newly elected best fighter.