Top 4 female MMA fighters in 2021 according to the UFC organization

The 2021 fighting season has come to its logical conclusion. All the key events have already taken place, there were a huge number of knockouts, technical victories and brilliant tricks. It’s time to sum up the year. And right now, the UFC organization has decided to present to the public a rating of the best MMA female fighters who in 2021 showed the best and incredible results during sports performances in the arena.

The most predictable MMA woman – Valentina Shevchenko

The fighter continues to occupy the highest place in the overall ranking in the lightest weight category. Valentina will remember 2021 with two brilliant victorious events against rivals, whom she defeated in the first rounds with her skillful tricks. This year, Shevchenko showed a high level of professionalism and the ability to clearly follow the goal. Experts say Shevchenko is simply unmatched in her category at this point. Perhaps the situation would change in the next season of 2022, but so far, Valentina has rightfully earned her place in the ranking of the best female MMA sportsmen.

Rose Namajunas to MMA top four

This year, exactly two performances were enough for Rose to excel and be among the best. The category of the girl is the minimum weight and today she has a winning streak of 20 matches in her arsenal. The fighter managed to surprise the public and experts so much that they unanimously voted in her favor. Her brilliant knockouts of dangerous athletes in the first minutes of matches played into her hands. Despite the fact that in the matches in which Rose participated, she was far from a clear favorite, she was able to turn the situation in her favor with skillful tricks and ambition. Experts named Namajunas the new queen in the minimum weight category. Who knows when someone will be able to surpass her.

Brazilian Marina Rodriguez showed her strength in 2021

It is Rodriguez who is one of all the sportsmen in our rating who does not own a championship belt, but this did not stop her from being among the best this season. Moreover, the last season of 2020 was far from the best for Marina, there were both victories and defeats. But 21 years has become a second wind for the athlete. She started the year with 8 steps in the overall ranking. A series of victorious events led her today to the ranking of the best sportsmen according to the UFC. Despite the fact that Marina is already 35 years old, she still continues to train hard and improve her skills. Her breakthrough can be called something incredible, and it would definitely not go unnoticed by experts in the future.

The last but not the least Julianne Peña

The Venezuelan-born fighter Peña also boasts of being among the best female MMA athletes in 2021. She started the year one step higher than Marina and at the end she also goes next. In fact, Julianne is not a fighter who is believed in no matter what. Her success came as a surprise to most experts and fans. But with a winning 21-year season, she capped off a disappointing last year.

New stakes open up with new female champions

Considering that at the end of the 2021 MMA season, at least two fighters entered the top 4, who were not expected to be seen here at the beginning of the year, it is natural that the attention of bettors will now be riveted on their figures. Bookmakers would offer more bets with better odds, and the bettors themselves have been paying more and more attention to the champions throughout the season. Betting in the field of women’s MMA events is developing more and more, and with such fighters, the stakes would become even greater.